Rogue & Gambit Statues

Pre-order: Available in Jan 2025
Item Number: 300851
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I know one kiss from you, one touch flesh to flesh, might give me some serious hurtin', but I'm willin' to take the risk for you. You willin' to do the same for me?

Sideshow presents the Rogue and Gambit Statue. This romantic Marvel collectible highlights the flirtatious relationship between two heroes who just love to break the rules.

Ooh la la, chère! Measuring 18.5” tall, 11” wide, and 9” deep, the Rogue and Gambit Statue finds these two mutant lovebirds wrapped in a supercharged embrace that’s literally swept them off their feet. These X-Men can’t help but steal a moment of their own while on the battlefield, with Anna Marie smacking a big red kiss on the ace that was likely up Remy LeBeau’s sleeve. Suspended on clouds of pink kinetic energy, the pair smile despite the danger — since it certainly won’t get in the way of their hearts’ desires. After all, what’s romance without a little risk?

Inspired by these characters’ appearances across Marvel media, this fully sculpted X-Men collectible captures the essence of an iconic comics couple with the power of polystone and true love. Every detail, from Rogue and Gambit’s playful posing to the vibrant color palette of their classic ’90s-era uniforms, creates an eye-catching centerpiece for your collection.

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