i8TOYS - Be Serene Hound Troop

Pre-order: Available in May 2023
Item Number: 911752

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i8TOYS is excited to present an i8TOYS original - the Be Serene Hound Troop Sixth Scale Figure! 

From the Serene Hound Series, she stands at approximately 12" tall and comes with multiple accessories and points of articulation.

Don't miss your chance to add this figure to your collection today!

The Be Serene Hound Troop Sixth Scale Figure features:

  • Female head sculpt(Movable eyes)
  • Female body(hybrid teenage body with metal skeleton)
  • Ten (10) Hands
  • Tactical straps
  • Tactical back bag
  • Two (2) Tactical small bags
  • Black uniform short skirt
  • Black uniform Jacket
  • white bodysuit
  • white underpants
  • white long stockings
  • Maid Belly Pocket
  • Black high heels shoes
  • Black glasses
  • Maid earphone
  • 2pcs MK2*2pcs
  • P90 with extra 1pc Cartridge clip