Game Toys - Fantasy TIFA

Pre-order: Available in Q4, 2024


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Part List:

The overall height of the character is about 29CM
-New independent research and development of two-dimensional ratio full-body plastic female
body*1 GTD-G01 (medical-grade silicone is used for the whole body)
-Puppet display bracket *1
-Head carving *1 (rear hair is detachable and replaceable)
-Replacement hand type *10
-Right Magic Crystal Bracer *1
-Left armguard *2
-Shoes *2 (one pair)
-Bar *1
-Bar stool *2
-Wine bottle *1
-Shaker *1
-Yellow spirit *1
-Red spirit *1
-White vase *1
-Little yellow flower sent by Claude *1
-Bar background board *1
-White top *1
-Black underwear *1
-Black sleeves *2
-Black skirt *1 (the skirt part is made of genuine leather, and the strap is made of PVC on the side)
-Black panties *1
-Black long socks *2
Pre-order Bonus Gift:
1. Single ponytail hair *1 (with ball joint, direct insertion replacement tube)
2. Chocobo Claude *1