Damtoys - Astronaut and Sputnik 1 Collectible Set

Pre-order: Available in Feb 2025
Item Number:  913103
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Damtoys and Coal Dog are excited to present the Astronaut and Sputnick 1 Collectible Set!

Endless Trip is an original figure series between Damtoys and Coal Dog about dreams, skies, and odysseys. This series includes a wide array of characters who all want to realize their dreams and the next up is Endless Trip 2.

This set features an astronaut flying through space in the Sputnik-1. Their mission is to explore the boundaries of the universe. The Astronaut and Sputnik-1 set is highly detailed and includes a variety of accessories for creating unique, customized scenes. Don't miss your chance to add this out of the world set to your collection today!

The Astronaut and Sputnik 1 Collectible Set features:

  • Main figure with stylish head sculpt
  • Four (4) hand types 
  • Two (2) pliers hands 
  • Computer 
  • Radio receiver 
  • Coffee cup 
  • Life support device 
  • Helmet (intact) 
  • Sputnik 1
  • Base 
  • Three (3) short leg antennas
  • Laika 
  • Spacewalk tether 
  • Instruction manual 
  • Stickers