Bandai - Evangelion Unit-01 DX Transport Platform Set RG Model Kit

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A new frontier of the Real Grade series begins with the release of the iconic EVA Unit-01! True to the mission of the Real Grade line, the RG Evangelion features intricate linked parts construction to represent the close emulation of human-joints of the EVAs! The movement of the spine and shoulder blades are linked to the armor parts and follow the movement of the arms and chest, shifting as needed to prevent parts from obstructing each other, meaning even realistic humanoid crouching and running poses can be re-created! This version includes a recreation of the transport platform that launches the Eva units and a special AT Field penetration hand parts and PET effect for AT Field. Includes Entry Plug, Pallet Rifle, 2 Progressive Knives, Umbilical Cable, and 7 types of hands in different expressions.