The Wandering Earth - Captain Wang Lei

Pre-order: Available in Dec, 2021

by Damtoys
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Damtoys presents the Captain Wang Lei Sixth Scale Collectible Figure. This exquisite figure features the likeness of Wang Lei played by Li Guangjie from the movie The Wandering Earth.

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Design Introduction:
Our designers have done much work to restore the deep-rooted character as perfect as possible. We finally bring you this
1/6th scale collectible figure following the setting, precise character image, costume, and equipment in the movie
combined with excellent production technology.
1/6th scale CN171-11 rescue unit captain Wang Lei collectible figure specially features:

Main character:
- Exquisite head sculpture: the head sculpture highly restores the facial expressions and gritty image of the
character Wang Lei acted by Li Guangjie in The Wandering Earth.
- Dam 3.5 high action body
- 4 interchangeable hands including:
- A pair of the fist clenched hands
- One left hand for holding the gun
- One right hand for opening fire

- One exquisite detachable helmet, including mask and recording equipment
- One communication headset
- A set of the sophisticated exoskeleton of military mechanical movable structure with an energy backplane
and over 130 parts,
such as various mechanical components, special-shaped leg rods, hydraulic cylinders, pipelines, joints.
- A set of military black protective suit
- A pair of knee pads
- Black pistol holster
- A pair of boots

- CNIGC.CO L/QBZ47-5.8 assault rifle
- CNIGC.CO L/QSZ47-9 pistol
- Rifle mag x 1
- Pistol mag x 1
Other accessories:
- Exclusive base