Star Wars The Mandalorian - Artillery Stormtrooper

Pre-order: Available in Jan, 2022

~ Television Masterpiece Series - TMS047 ~ 

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Specialized soldiers in the Imperial forces, Artillery Stormtroopers carry specialized indirect fire weapons like mortars onto the battlefield. From cover, they can lob explosives of difference types at a high angle to fall at precisely calculated coordinates.

Today Hot Toys is delighted to continue The Mandalorian collectible series and present the new 1/6th scale Artillery Stormtrooper collectible figure for Star Wars fans!

The highly-accurate collectible figure is skillfully developed based on the trooper’s appearance as seen in The Mandalorian. It features detailed helmet and armor with distinctive yellow color design and weathering effects, a yellow pauldron, a black under-suit, the trooper’s specialized military backpack, anarticulated mortar, and display base!

This unique Artillery Stormtrooper will surely be a wonderful addition to any Imperial army collection!

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The 1/6th scale Artillery Stormtrooper Collectible Figure specially features:

-Authentic and detailed likeness of Artillery Stormtrooper in theStar Wars:The Mandalorianseries                                                  

-Specially applied white colored painting on armor withspecially applied distress effects

-Approximately 30 cm tall

-Body with over 30 points of articulations

-Seven (7) pieces of interchangeable gloved hands including:

-One (1) pair of fist

-One (1) pair of relaxed hands

-One (1) pair of hands for holding weapon

-One (1) open left hand


-One (1) finely crafted Artillery Stormtrooper armor with yellow markings and weathering effects

-One (1) black colored and multi textured fabric under-suit

-One (1) yellow colored pauldron

-One (1) white colored belt

-One (1) pair of white boots


-One (1) mortar (with articulated function)


-One (1) military pack with three (3) detachable detonators

-Figure stand with Star Wars logo, character nameplate and graphic card