Star Man - Fighter Li Blue Cheongsam Version

Pre-order: Available in Q4, 2024


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Product List:
eyes can move head sculpture *1
Medical silicone steel skeleton body*1(body makeup)
Replaceable white bun head*1 pair
white headband*1 pair
interchangeable hands *4 pair
-Natural hand one pair
-Clenched hand one pair
-Fingers together hand one pair
-Fingers open hand one pair

Blue cheongsam *1
White jacquard waist seal *1
Blue bottom pants *1
Silk stockings *1
White real-leather thigh-high boots *1;(Can wear feet)

Rivet bracelet *1pair;
Eye regulation rod*1

*The silicone body is specially treated, the surface is smooth, the body is made up, it is not easy to dye, and it can wear clothes smoothly.
Due to the process limitations of silicone, there will be parting lines on the side of the body, can not accept, please do not buy.