Square Enix - Tifa Lockhart (Sporty Dress Ver.)

Pre-order: Available in Jul 2023
Item Number:  911750

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Square Enix presents the Tifa Lockhart (Sporty Dress Ver.) Figure.

Tifa, from FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, returns to the STATIC ARTS statuette line, this time with a sporty new dress!

This flashy dress accentuates the features of Avalanche's skilled Martial Artist in a way we don't normally get to see. Our designers meticulously recreated every detail–from the luxurious texture of her dress to the accessories in her hair and her dress, and even her beautiful thigh-high stockings. Tifa is depicted resting while awaiting her mission at Corneo's mansion. The attention to detail in this gorgeous statue makes it a must-have for fans of FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE