SIC Masked Rider Ryuki

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Rebuilt by Asai's interpretation of Mirror World MASKED RIDER RYUKI! !

"MASKED RIDER RYUKI Maki Asai, who has a commitment to "", participates as a plastic artist!
Mirror world creator Shiro Kanzaki has created an equipment that has been created with a unique interpretation.
Furthermore, it appears along with a huge and movable dragreader!
The diameter of the zipped thread of each part is matched, and the drag shield can be removed from the dragreader and attached to the main body.

With the interpretation that the Gunmetal part is the equipment created by Shiro Kanzaki, and the red part is the materialized part of the mirror world, it creates shapes that intersect with straight lines and curves.
The drag saver and drag shield can be removed from the dragreader and installed in the main unit.
Strike vent is also expressed with a combination of drag redders!

SIC to be reserved online and online from Monday, September 2 MASKED RIDER RYUKI Or SIC MASKED RIDER KUUGA For those who have purchased (reserved) one of the Mighty Forms, a luxurious booklet filled with product design drawings and prototype production processes will be added as a first purchase benefit.
* SIC Colosseum Special Booklet is not included with the product.
* For details, please check at the store when the product is released.
* The booklet is limited. It is finished as soon as it disappears.

■ Set Contents
· Body
• Replacement right wrist four
· Doraguredda
・ Strike vent grip
· Drag Saber
・ Card parts
· Complete joint parts
· Pedestal set