SIC Masked Rider Kuuga Mighty Form

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Mr. Ryu Oyama, a male creature creature MASKED RIDER KUUGA!

By Oyama Ryu, the male of organic creature modeling MASKED RIDER KUUGA.
Armor and antennas reminiscent of crustaceans and insects.
Three-dimensionalized with modeling that is full of biological features, such as the expression of the spine that evolved from the human body.
More MASKED RIDER KUUGA Mighty foam incorporates the fluctuations of flames in the form based on the setting of controlling fire.
SIC is a pedestal full of realism.
Adopted the enemy character "Go Bader Ba" designed as a tribute to Kamen Rider on the base.
The expression can be changed by replacing the chin!
Wide range of motion unique to Kuuga with simple proportions!
In addition to texture poses, you can reproduce rough poses.

SIC to be reserved online and online from Monday, September 2 MASKED RIDER RYUKI Or SIC MASKED RIDER KUUGA For those who have purchased (reserved) one of the Mighty Forms, a luxurious booklet filled with product design drawings and prototype production processes will be added as a first purchase benefit.
* SIC Colosseum Special Booklet is not included with the product.
* For details, please check at the store when the product is released.
* The booklet is limited. It is finished as soon as it disappears.

■ Set Contents
· Body
-Replacement jaw A
-Replacement jaw B
• Replacement wrist left two right three