SAINT SEIYA HADES Elysion Edition - Thanatos

Pre-order: Available in Mar, 2023

Saint Cross Myth EX

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One of Hades' aides, THANATOS, appears in SAINT CLOTH MYTH EX!

Like HYPNOS the EX METAL body has been introduced, greatly improving both holding power and proportions. Includes cloth robes, harp, and PANDORA (childhood) minifigures! Like the existing series, it can be recombined into an object.

Posing with a sense of unity and dynamism is possible. Its Special Move "Terrible Providence" is firmly decided!


・ Main figure
· Meikoromo set
Object frame set
· Complete hair parts for replacement
· Replacement wrist left and right each four
・ 4 interchangeable facial parts
・ PANDORA (childhood)
・ Robe