Saint Seiya Dragon Shiryu " Final Bronze Cloth "

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by Prime 1 Studio
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“Prepare yourself for the ultimate attack of the Dragon! Lushan Rising Dragon Lord!”

Prime 1 Studio is proud to present the latest addition to the Premium Masterline Saint Seiya also known as Knights of the Zodiac Series! The 1/4 Scale Dragon Shiryū “Final Bronze Cloth”!

From legendary manga creator, Masami Kurumada, comes Saint Seiya’s Dragon Shiryū! Dragon Shiryū is considered the wisest of all the Saints. His training in the Wulao Peaks of Lushan forged him into the magnificent fighter that stands before you.

Prime 1 Studio displays Dragon Shiryū fully outstretched at an impressive 29 inches! Our passionate artists have leaned heavily on their love of the Saint Seiya franchise to recreate Shiryū with his indomitable dragon shield and fist. Shiryū calls up his famous Lushan Rising Dragon Lord as his glorious hair splays out behind him. Prime 1 Studio has sculpted Shiryū’s intricately-detailed Final Bronze Cloth armor to exacting standards. Shiryū’s Lushan Rising Dragon Lord power erupts behind him and features finely-sculpted scales and musculature.

Shiryū stands on an explosive dragon-themed base that features rubble that is thrown about by his LED-illuminated energy! Additionally, Shiryū comes with three (3) swappable head parts that give him three distinct expressions.

Don’t delay and add this amazing piece to your growing Saint Seiya collection!

[Product Specifications]

・Statue Size approximately 29 inches tall [H:74cm W:46cm D:43cm]

・One (1) themed base
・Three (3) Swappable Head Parts