Robot Spirits - Evangelion Zero Unit / Zero Unit (Revised)-New Movie Version

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Evangelion Unit 0 commercialized with new modeling!

Replacement parts can reproduce 2 forms of Evangelion Unit 0 / Unit 0 (revised). In addition, parts to reproduce the sealed state of Unit 0 are included.

Thorough movement verification enables natural and dynamic poses.
The mode change to (revised) is completely reproduced by replacing the arms, chest and legs.
Sealed state can be reproduced with attached parts.
A variety of weapons, including a gatling gun, are included.

■ Product Specifications
Height: about 170mm
Material: ABS, made of PVC

■ Set Contents
· Body
· Replacement wrist left and right each five
· Umbilical cable
· Palette rifle
· Left and right arm parts for Unit 0 reproduction
· Chest armor for Unit 0 reproduction
· Right and left thigh parts for Unit 0 reproduction
· Replacement parts for back
· handcuffs
· Progressive knife
· Gatling Gun