ROBO‐DOU Dancouga ( Kelvin Sau Redesign )

Pre-order: Available in Jun, 2022

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Based on the 1980's Japanese anime Dancouga - Super Beast Machine God, Threezero's Art Director Kelvin Sau has redesigned the classic mecha Dancouga with enhanced mechanical details. And of course, all four machines each feature transformation functionality, which together forms Dancouga! This non-scale articulated figure stands approximately 13.2" tall in Dancouga mode including the cannon on the back and features an impressive metallic finish together with Threezero's renown weathering application! Constructed of ABS, PVC, and POM, the figure also partly adopts zinc alloy and metal parts at the internal structures providing 203 points of articulation for the total of four machines. The included weapons are the sword Dankuken, a Flying Booster, and a weapon for each machine. These accessories include an adapter piece for combining the three guns and launcher into the large weapon Daigan. It also includes an assortment of interchangeable hands for Dancouga and the other machines.