Prime 1 Studio - Macross VF-1J Officers Veritech Guardian Mode

Prime 1 Studio - VF-1J Officers Veritech Guardian Mode

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Pre-order: Available to ship in May 2019

Product Summary

Prime 1 Studio and Harmony Gold are proud to present VF-1J Officer’s Veritech Guardian Mode from Robotech Saga. The Veritech VF-1 is Earth's first transformable trans-atmospheric fighter. Powered by fusion engines, the VF-1 is fully space-capable and is carried in great numbers on the SDF-1 as well as the Armor series of carriers.

The VF-1 supports 3 modes of operation: fighter mode for aerospace superiority missions, guardian mode for close air support missions, and battloid mode for ground combat missions. VF-1J Model can be identified by its unique head and piloted by leaders of 3-man groups or full Squadrons. This statue stands about 33 inches tall and can be equipped with or without a FAST Pack space booster and weaponry system. This system vastly improves the speed and survivability and giving it access to extra ammunition. This is the must-have piece for all Robotech fans.

Product Size: 32.59" H (827.79mm) x 31.92" W (810.77mm) x 30.27" L (768.86mm)*