Power Ranger - Zeo Ranger II Yellow

Pre-order: Available in May 2024
Item Number:  913054

Manufacturer: Threezero
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"You have now become the Power Rangers Zeo, the next level in the fight against Evil!"

From the fourth season of the action-packed superhero television series, Power Rangers, Threezero and Hasbro proudly present the FigZero Power Rangers Zeo collection. With the power from the Zeo Crystals, the Power Rangers are stronger than ever!

FigZero Zeo Ranger II Yellow Sixth Scale Collectible Figure stands at approximately 11.6 inches (~29.5cm) tall and features full articulation with approximately 34 points, allowing for dynamic poses.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, her outfit includes the Zeo Ranger II Yellow Helmet, Zeo Ranger II Yellow Suit, a pair of Forearm Armor Guards, a belt with a holster and sheath, and boots. The combination of fabric and plastic parts ensures an authentic look, and the high-precision sculpting brings the character to life!

FigZero Zeo Ranger II Yellow Sixth Scale Figure comes with her signature weapon, the pair of Power Clubs, the versatile weapon specific to her character. Additionally, each Zeo Ranger is equipped with a Zeo Laser Pistol and a Zeo Power Pod Sword. These two weapons can be combined to form an Advanced Zeo Laser Pistol. Her accessories also include an interchangeable Sword Guard, and six sets of interchangeable hands to provide a wide range of display options.

Add this striking Sixth Scale Figure to your Power Rangers action figure collection today!

The Zeo Ranger II Yellow Sixth Scale Figure features:

  • Officially licensed by Hasbro
  • Approximately 11.6 inches (~29.5cm) tall
  • Fully-articulated collectible figure with approximately 34 points of articulation
  • Costume crafted from a combination of fabric and plastic parts
  • Intricately sculpted with high-precision details
  • Zeo Laser Pistol can be combined with Zeo Power Pod Sword to form an Advanced Zeo Laser Pistol


  • One (1) pc of Zeo Ranger II Yellow Helmet
  • One (1) pc of Zeo Ranger II Yellow Suit
  • One (1) pair of Forearm Armor Guards
  • One (1) pc of belt with holster and sheath
  • One (1) pair of boots


  • One (1) pair of Zeo II Power Clubs
  • One (1) pc of Zeo Laser Pistol
  • One (1) pc of Zeo Power Pod Sword
  • One (1) pc of Interchangeable Sword Guard
  • Six (6) sets of interchangeable hands:

    • One (1) pc of left relaxed hand
    • One (1) pair of fists
    • One (1) pair of sword-holding hands
    • One (1) pc of right pistol holding hand
    • One (1) pc of left posing hands
    • One (1) pair of hands for holding Power Clubs