Metal Build - Gundam Astray Red Frame Kai (Alternative Strike ver.)

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Red frame reform, new birth!
In line with MSV project "Alternative Strike"
A new Astray reborn by remodeling and remodeling!

In accordance with the MSV planning concept, the entire body armor has been updated to a “paint finish”.
A more profound feeling and reality.

● New shoulder armor
The shoulder armor is a new model drawn by mechanic designer Junichi Akutsu.
Bold posing is possible with a new structure that does not hinder movement.

● Renovate the armor to paint finish
The armor of the white area with a large area is painted with white, gray, metallic, etc. with reduced luster, and it has a heavy texture renewed from the conventional image.
Marking has been renewed, and the newly reborn red frame is brilliantly colored.

● Striker pack compatible joint
Can be linked with strike gundam equipment (striker pack)
Back joint parts are newly included.
Enables linkage with existing products and future striker packs.
In addition, joint parts for Strike Gundam (sold separately) are included.

Unusual Tactical Arms IIL
7 forms that can be transformed are recreated by Tactical Arms IIL, which is the biggest feature of Red Frame Kai.
・ Delta form
・ Flight form
・ Lance form
・ Arrow Form
・ Buiform
・ Magano Ikuchi Foam