Infinity Studio - Guan Yu (Deluxe Edition) Statue

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Guan Yu is one of the most well-known figures in ancient Chinese history. 

He was a fierce general under the warlord Liu Bei during the three kingdoms period, and he played a significant role in the establishment of Liu Bei’s state along with his little brother Zhang Fei. Through generations of storytelling, Guan Yu’s formidable qualities have given him immense fame after his death. 

Traditionally, Guan Yu was portrayed as a red-faced general wearing a silk green military coat and a long, dense beard. Guan Yu’s red face was drawn from the traditional Chinese opera, which represents faithfulness and righteousness. His sword was a guan dao named Green Dragon Crescent Blade, and it's able to cut anything into pieces! His mighty steed: the red hare helped him travel through the continents, making him a commanding and unrelenting general like no others. 

Guan Yu was deified after his death. He was worshiped as the God of War in many Asian areas and oversea communities like the US and Europe. His ubiquitous presence is making him one of the best-recognized figures in the world.

This deluxe edition features a torso in blade holding pose along with an exchangeable wielding pose torso.

Product Size
Height: 37" (939.8 mm) | Width: 17.7" (449.58 mm) | Depth: 37" (939.8 mm) | *

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