Ichigo Kurosaki vs Hollow Ichigo Statues

Pre-order: Available in Oct 2024
Item Number:  912899

Manufacturer: HEX Collectibles
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"If you’re weaker than me… I’ll crush you… And become the king myself."

HEX Collectibles presents the Ichigo Kurosaki vs Hollow Ichigo Elite Dynamic Statue in one-sixth scale. This statue is inspired by the scene in the Arrancar arc when Ichigo Kurosaki fights Hollow Ichigo in his inner world to master the power of Hollowfication. 

In this stunning Bleach collectible, Ichigo wears his iconic Shinigami attire in Bankai form fully sculpted with realistic and natural pleats. He steps on the rubble and debris of destroyed buildings in his inner world and struggles to resist the powerful attack from Hollow Ichigo. 

As one of the spirits of Zangetsu, Hollow Ichigo dominates this battle with a psychotic and arrogant smile. He holds the white Tensa Zangetsu and leans his body forward to slash aggressively, with his white robe fluttering in the air, which shows a sense of dynamic feeling. The blades of the two characters meet at an oblique angle, creating a fierce fighting scene. Translucent Moon Fang Heaven-Piercer interweaves around the base of this statue, showing a strong visual impact for collectors. 

Just like the brand concept of HEX Collectibles, our team has always looked at ways to push the boundaries of design and capture the essence of each character we love. HEX Collectibles will continue to bring beloved characters to life with our dynamic style of design. 

Bleach fans, don't miss your chance to add this anime collectible statue to your collection!