CosRider - Spider-man

Marvel CosRider Series - Spider-Man: Far From Home

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Hot Toys is excited to introduce the Spider-Man Collectible Figure CosRider, recreating him in the upgraded outfit based on the Spider-Man: Far From Home movie. Features functions such as coin-operated mechanical design, original music tune, LED light-up function, and built-in rocking motion. CosRiders in the same series can be coupled up and rock together in the fun tune of Hot Toys original. Each Marvel collectible in the series measures approximately 13.5 – 14cm tall.

The newly introduced Spider-Man CosRider, is a special collaboration work with Hong Kong illustrator Mr. Khoo Fuk-lung, presents Spidey in an upgraded suit crawling on the battle drone from the final battle scenes. 

The wall-crawler is already up! Make sure to add him to your amazing Spider-Man collection!