CHOGOKIN Gundam Aerial

Pre-order: Available in Mar, 2023
  • USD$230.00
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The main character of "Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch of Mercury", Gundam Aerial, is now available in CHOGOKIN. Incorporating heavy die-cast parts and luminescent gimmicks, the specifications are full of luxury.

Die-casting, which is a characteristic of "CHOGOKIN", is used abundantly for joints and unique fin designs. You can enjoy not only the solid texture but also the texture of metal.
With a built-in light emitting gimmick on the head, it is possible to exhibit with a sense of reality. Together with the precise markings on each part, you can feel the presence unique to the finished product.


・ Main figure
· Replacement wrist left and right each four
Beam rifle
・ Beam rifle joint
・ Beam rifle effect
· Saber handle × 2
・ Beam saber effect × 2
Shield set
Shield grip
· Complete joint parts
・ Head antenna (spare)
· Stand
- Strut
・ Weapon holder left and right
· LR 41 × 3 (with test battery)