Catwoman Statue

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Iron Studios are proud to announce the latest from the Legacy Replica 1:4 line - Catwoman! This DC Collectible Catwoman Statue is limited edition and based on the references from Batman Returns.  

With a captivating smile, and a deep and seductive look, the mysterious and unpredictable villain comfortably sits over the statue in the shape of a cat’s head, a symbol, and a logo, on top of the building of Shreck’s department store, ironically the place where she transformed. 

Dressed in her memorable skintight black leather jumpsuit and holding her whip, a weapon she wields with impressive dexterity, she plans her vengeance against her former boss and torturer as a Christmas gift. Over a base reminding the roof of the largest shopping center in Gotham City, Sideshow and Iron Studios present the Catwoman - Batman Returns - Legacy Replica 1:4 Statue, with the feline femme fatale most beloved by fans of Batman’s universe, in her portrayal in the classic film Batman Returns from 1992, directed by Tim Burton.

As a secretary, while she was inspecting the files of the powerful and ruthless businessperson Max Shreck, Selina Kyle inadvertently discovered the plans of a conspiracy to drain and store the electric power of Gotham using a new power plant, putting Gotham under total control of Shreck. Upon realizing that his secretary discovered such plans, he confronted her, and, although Selina swore to him that she would keep it a secret, he pushed her through the window of his commercial building to silence her, but her fall was broken by many awnings on the side of the building, causing only a concussion. Awakened by many cats on the street after passing out, she returned home shocked, where she then suffered a psychotic breakdown, sewing a homemade costume in preparation for her vengeance against Shreck, taking on the identity of the villain and sometimes anti-hero, Catwoman. One of the most famous characters in comic books and among the main characters in 

Batman’s universe, Catwoman is present in almost all the adaptations of the hero. Brave, adventurous, and cunning, she always had a troubled romantic relationship with the Dark Knight. Embodying an impressive resemblance to actress Michelle Pfeiffer, and presented in detail for the first time by Iron studios on the grandiose Legacy Scale 1:4, the statue is a meticulous and faithful recreation of the character, created with maximum attention to the tiniest details on the textures, painting, and anatomy, to reproduce her image with great realism and fidelity, based on the original references.

DC Comics fans, don't miss your chance to add the Catwoman 1:4 Legacy Replica Statue to your DC collection.