Bandai - 1/60 Scale RX-78-2 Gundam PG Unleashed Model Kit

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The ultimate GunPla building experience that encapsulates 40 years of GunPla has arrived! Since the first GunPla released in 1980, new experimental methods of assembly and part molding have been continuously developed leading to this Perfect Grade Unleashed RX-78-2 Gundam, the culmination of the GunPla Evolution Project started in 2015 to set new standards in model kits.

The new PG RX-78-2 is designed to replicate the experience of building a real-life robot, starting from the internal skeletal frame and moving outward all the way to the external armor. The 6 evolution points include the ease of assembly, articulation, multi-layered structure, different materials for external detail, and new expressive detail via color changing LEDs. The completed model features the largest size insert molded joint structure ever created at over 10 mm (7”) that can articulate immediately after being cut from the runner. Over 90 points of articulation including working pistons, sliding mechanisms are featured, with 40 points being in the chest structure alone to allow for the most posable model kit ever in this size.

The internal skeletal frame features layers of mechanical truss detail accentuated via different colors including silver, gray, gold with multiple parts being combined to form unique shapes. The outer armor features not only plastic in different finishes such as silver plating, chrome plating, gold plating but also a different number of materials including Aluminum parts for the head vulcans and backpack verniers, metallic 3D stickers, and sticker photo-etch parts for high levels of detail.

Finally, an LED beam saber and a color-changing LED is present in the head and chest to display the Gundam in various states of combat or maintenance. A magnet system, the first-ever in GunPla supports the massive shield on to the arm while numerous maintenance hatches all over the RX-78-2 can be opened to showcase the highly detailed internal mechanisms.

LR41 batteries sold separately.

The RX-78-2 Gundam PG Unleashed Model Kit features:

  • One (1) Beam Rifle
  • Two (2) Beam Sabers
  • One (1) Shield
  • One (1) Transforming Core Fighter
  • One (1) Standing Sayla
  • Three (3) Amuro Figures (1 standing, 2 sitting),
  • Multiple fixed pose handsets
  • One(1) BR435 Lithium Battery for Beam Saber
  • One (1) LED Unit 
  • One (1) Magnet Set
  • Aluminum Parts
  • Phoo-etch Stickers
  • Metallic 3D Stickers
  • Instruction Manual

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