Vampirella Statue

Vampirella Statue
SKU SS001683
Weight 10.00 kg
Pre-order: Available to ship in Jul 2018

Careful… she bites.

Sideshow is proud to present the Vampirella Statue, based on acclaimed comic book artist Terry Dodson’s artwork. This statue captures the alluring attitude of the pulp classic horror huntress in 1:5 scale.

Vampirella sits at about 10” tall atop a skeletal throne that is draped in a sculpted scarlet fabric that looks like rich blood. She is clad in her classic crimson costume adorned with a gold bat symbol and gold jewelry, black thigh-high boots, and her white collar. Her raven hair flows behind her as she gestures enticingly, to draw you into her vampiric thrall.

Order the Vampirella Statue and bring home this bewitching beauty for your collection, or else it might drive you batty!