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ThreeA - Mongrol

ThreeA - Mongrol
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Mongrol is a collaboration project between the artist Ashley Wood and the English comic book series "ABC Warriors". Ashley Wood has transformed one of the main characters from the comic into his own threeA style! Ashley Wood

Ashley Wood was born in 1971. He is an Australian artist that is known for his comic book cover art, concept designs and his work as an art director. His works often combine various media such as digital art with oil painting, which give his work a very unique and expressionistic feeling to them.

ABC Warriors
A long running comic serialized in the English magazine '2000AD'. It is still running after many years and has two different series.

Mongrol was originally commander of an ABC paratrooper platoon, however his entire body was destroyed on the battlefield, leaving nothing but his head. After that he was found by a scavenger who built him a new body out of other robotic parts, which gave him the body you see here.