Bandai Toys Super Robot Chogokin (SRC) Super Robot Chogokin - Gao Figh Gar

Super Robot Chogokin - Gao Figh Gar

Super Robot Chogokin - Gao Figh Gar
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The hero of The King of Braves GaoGaiGar FINAL is here: Gao Figh Gar!

Gao Figh Gar in full Super Robot Chogokin quality!
Includes unique Gao Figh Gar features, such as the Phantom Ring and the expansion of the main wings!
Achieves both awesome proportions and excellent posability!

・The opening and closing center shutters are replicated with interchangeable parts.
・The wingtips of Stealth Gao III are movable.
Lets you pose it as it looks before activating the Ultra Technological Engine
・"Broken Phantom!!"
The Phantom Ring features translucent parts.
・"Protect Wall!!"
Defensive aura effect parts included.
・"Hell and Heaven!!"
This is one pose we had to make sure was included!
・Includes bonus parts to recreate the classic hand-shaking scene with Genesic Gao Gai Gar in the opening to the final episode!

Product Description
・Height: about 140mm
・Materials: ABS, PVC, Diecast
Set contents
・Main Body
・Protect wall PET part
・Phantom ring
・Interchangeable hand left/right (3 types)
・Hand parts for Hell and Heaven
・Hand-shake with Genesic Gao Gai Ga