Soldier Story Soldier Story MACV-SOG

Soldier Story MACV-SOG

Soldier Story MACV-SOG
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Part List:

Soldier Story New S2 Body and hands
Tiger Boonie hat
Tiger BDU/Belt
Knit Scarf
M1961 LCE
M1961 H-Harness
M1961 Individual Equiment Belt
M1961 M16-20rd pouch *2
M1961 M16-30rd pouch *2
M1961 Canteen Pouch *2
M1961 Buttpack
M1961 First Aid/Compass Pouch
AK Chest Rig
KABAR Leather Sheath
M1911 Holster
Tropical Combat Boots 
Canteen *2
56 Assault Rifle
56 Assault Rifle Magazine *3
M1911 Pistol
Metal Brass 7.62mm Rounds x 5
Metal Brass 7.62mm Empty Cases x 5
M1911 Magazine *2