Bandai Toys Soul of Chogokin (SOC) GX-63 General Franky Shogun

GX-63 General Franky Shogun

GX-63 General Franky Shogun
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General Franky, the robot which played a pivotal role in the “One Piece Film Z” feature film, joins the Chogokin line-up!
With the ability to transform and combine into a giant mecha, it is must have for not only One Piece fans, but any diecast robot aficionado.
As a first issue exclusive bonus, collectors a detailed General Franky pamphlet. Set includes Kurosai FR-U IV and Brachio Tank V that transform and combine to form General Franky, as well as three figurines (2 Franky figures and one Chopper figure) for various piloting scenes.
This deluxe set also includes vehicle and cockpit parts, “Fran Sword” weapon accessory, and a special display stand. Franky fans, unite!