Sideshow Action Figure GIJoe - Dusty

GIJoe - Dusty

GIJoe - Dusty
SKU SS001111
Weight 3.00 kg
The Dusty 12 inch Figure features:

Pro Body 1.2 with over 30+ points of articulation
Dusty portrait
Detailed desert combat uniform
MOLLE belt
Riggers belt
Tactical Drop Leg Holster
First aid pouch
Helmet with Cover and Havelock
Dog tags
.45 cal 1911 Pistol
Five (5) .45 cal Magazines
Three (3) Frag Grenades
Vertical Foregrip
Red smoke grenade
Yellow smoke grenade
Two (2) canteens
Canteen pouch
FAMAS Rifle with bipod, scope, silencer
Five (5) Magpul(tm) P-MAG Magazines
Rifle sling
Triple Aught Design FAST Backpack
Knee pads
LMF Combat Knife with sheath
Generous assortment of switch-out hands
Two (2) pairs switch-out boots, standing and action
Shoulder Patches and Nametape
XLMR-3A Laser Rifle