Cosbaby - Doctor Strange

Cosbaby - Doctor Strange
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~ Cosbaby Series - COSB325 ~

"I spent so many years peering through time... looking for you."

In the Doctor Strange movie, Benedict Cumberbatch plays a neurosurgeon who, in a twist of fate, must learn the mystic arts in order to protect the world from otherworldly threats. As the buzz is heating up for the imminent opening of Marvel Studios' latest, Hot Toys is thrilled to present the Sorcerer Supreme in the popular Cosbaby series!

The Doctor Strange Cosbaby, which stands approximately 10cm tall and has a bobbling head, is represented in a lovely cartoonish form that depicts him dressed in his Sorcerer Supreme outfit and casting magical spells.

The impossibilities are endless, but you can defend your home or office from evil with the Doctor Strange Cosbaby collectible!

Doctor Strange Cosbaby (S) Bobble-Head Special Features:

- Stylized baby form of Doctor Strange from the movie of the same title
- Approximately 10cm tall
- Non-articulated figure with bobble-head