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Cosbaby - Wonder Woman - Diana Prince

Cosbaby - Wonder Woman - Diana Prince
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Pre-order: Available to ship in Q1, 2018

~ Cosbaby Series - COSB418~

Being of the most iconic female characters in DC Extended Universe, Wonder Woman has gained considerably huge amount of popularity from this year DC’s blockbuster Wonder Woman! Today, Hot Toys is excited to officially announce the newest additions – Wonder Woman Cosbaby (S) series as the first Wonder Woman collection!

Standing about 5-10.5 cm tall, the Wonder Woman Cosbaby (S) series features a rotating head. There are three styles of Wonder Woman in this series and all of these stylish Cosbabies are holding an engraved sword.

The second style will definitely be one of the most fan-favorite Wonder Woman Cosbabies as it features Wonder Woman wearing her suit outfit with hat and glasses when she was disguised to hide her true identity as Diana Prince, while she is holding the shield.