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Cosbaby - Ghost Rider (COSB400)

Cosbaby - Ghost Rider (COSB400)
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~Cosbaby Series - COSB400~

Even though the Ghost Rider always gives us an impression of being cruel, merciless and threatening, at times, he can be very adorable too! With the new Ghost Rider Cosbaby bobble-head specially designed by Hot Toys, you will fall in love with this absolutely cute collectible!

Based on his appearance from Marvel’s telvesion series – Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Hot Toys is estastic to introduce two styles of Ghost Rider in Cosbaby format. One of the design has it simulating Ghost Rider using his fire superpowers, and the other style features him holding his Hellfire Chain.

Both Cosbaby bobble-heads stand approximately 12cm tall including the very unique fire-shaped hair sculpture! Hunt with the little Ghost Rider and make sure don’t miss out these adorable offerings.