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Asmus Toys : Ringwraith and Nazgul Steed

Asmus Toys : Ringwraith and Nazgul Steed
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The Nazgûl Sixth Scale Figure features:
Authentic and detailed fully realized likeness of Nazgûl from The Return of the King.
· KAUSTIC PLASTIK KP01A+ male body / KP01A
· Approximately 30 cm tall
· Over 36 points of articulation

· One pair of shoulder plate
· One pair of bicep armor
· One pair of forearmed armor
· One pair of thigh armor
· One pair of calf armor
· One pair of foot armor
· One pair of articulated foot
· One pair of fist in armor
· One pair of relaxed posture hand in armor
· One pair of weapon holding hand in armor

· One black hood
· One pair of long sleeved undervest
· One pair of long underpants
· One black inner garment with weahtering effects
· One black lone ripped rop eith weathering effects
· One belt plus sheath holder

· One Witchking sword
· One sword sheath
· One Morgul blade

· One Asmus Toys figure stand

Asmus Toys : Nazgul Steed 1/6 collectible figure
- Switch controlled light up LED eyes
- Pile coating fur texture imitation
- Chaotic Nazgul steed head sculpt
- Nazgul steed reins gears
- Custom diorama base

- 15 movable articulations
- Real implanted hair and tail