3R - Imperial Japanese Navy Zero (JP628)

3R - Imperial Japanese Navy Zero

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Parts List:

1 One authentic headsculpt

2 One short body

3 One pair of open palms

4 One pair of relaxed palms

5 One pcs of palm for holding pistol


6 One flight suit

7 One fur-lined flight cap

8 One aviation survival vest

9 One pair of brown gloves

10 One pair of goggles

11 One pair of brown flight boots

12 One inner white shirt

13 One white scarf

14 One Japanese Victory headbands


15 One parachute harness

16 One wooden chair

17 One clip board with pen

18 One pocket watch

19 One war flag


20 One Type 14 Nambu pistol 21 One Samurai sword with scabbard Insignia 22 Two arm badges 23 One chest badge Tool 24 One small button hook