Sideshow Action Figure Star Wars - Jango Fett

Star Wars - Jango Fett

Star Wars - Jango Fett
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Fully Articulated Body
Detailed Flight Suit
Durasteel Armored Vest
Durasteel Thigh, Knee, Shin and Boot Plates
Belt with Pouches
Dual Holster Belt
Helmet with Articulated Range Finder
Right and Left Detailed Gauntlets with Supply Hose Connections and Kamino Saber Dart
Right and Left Boots
Two (2) WESTAR-34 Blaster Pistols
Merr-Sonn JT-12 Jetpack
Z-6 Jetpack
Right and Left Fists
Right and Left Trigger Hands
Right Point Hand
Left Relaxed Hand
Two (2) Jet Pack Flame Attachments
Two (2) Blaster Pistol Blast Flare Attachments
Two (2) Blaster Pistol Smoke Attachments
Base with Deck Graphic and Optional Flight Attachment