Sideshow Action Figure GIJoe - Crimson Guard

GIJoe - Crimson Guard

GIJoe - Crimson Guard
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The Crimson Guard 12 inch Figure features:

Articulated Prometheus 1.2 body with over 30 points of articulation Highly Detailed and Hand Painted Crimson Guard Helmet Portrait Detailed Fabric SIEGIE Uniform Jacket with Affixed Rank and Medal Badges
Fabric Undershirt
Fabric Pants
Detailed and Functioning Storage Pack with Fabric Straps
Standard Issue SIEGIE FAL Rifle
One (1) FAL Magazine
.45 Assault SMG with Folding Stock
SMG Sling
Three (3) .45 SMG Magazines
Micro Red Dot Sight
SMG Suppressor
Tactical Left Hand Drop Leg Holster
.50 Caliber Automatic Pistol
Three (3) .50 Magazines
Two (2) Flash Bang Grenades
One (1) Magnetic Mine
One (1) pair gloved fists
One (1) left C grip hand
One (1) left gloved open hand
One (1) right gloved trigger hand
One (1) right C grip hand
Newly developed sculpted boots
One (1) pair standing bottom boot
One (1) pair action bottom boot
1:6 Scale GI JOE Figure Stand with COBRA logo