Sideshow Action Figure Captain Rex (Phase II Armor)

Captain Rex (Phase II Armor)

Captain Rex (Phase II Armor)
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One of Kamino’s most esteemed and decorated soldiers in the Clone Wars, Captain Rex serves under Jedi General Anakin Skywalker as leader of the 501st.

Ready to lead the charge, Sideshow’s Captain Rex - Phase II Armor Sixth Scale figure comes fully equipped with his signature grey pauldron, kama and twin blasters, along with a carbine blaster and droid popper for backup. Never one to follow the crowd, the aggressive and freethinking Captain shuns the standard upgrades for his highly customized Phase II gear. His Phase II bucket boasts blue jaig eyes, a Mandalorian badge of courage, along with rangefinder and other welded modifications. Often faced with danger in the line of duty, numerous tally marks along the seasoned fighter's helmet and armor paint a vivid picture of his victories in battle.

Despite his unusual individualism as a clone, there is no doubt that Captain Rex is loyal to his fellow troopers, and always puts the mission first.

What's in the Box?

Fully Articulated Armored Body
Full Body Armor with customized chest piece
Detailed Captain Rex Phase II Hybrid Helmet sculpt
Detailed Captain Rex portrait
Pauldron with chest pouch
Belt with Holsters
Fabric Kama Skirt
Thirteen (13) interchangable hands
One (1) pair standing pose feet
One (1) pair action pose feet
Droid popper
Two (2) DC-17 hand blasters
DC-15S Blaster Carbine
Black 'Star Wars' logo base